[Spread-users] data replication with Spread

Ciprian Tutu ciprian at jhu.edu
Sun Mar 30 06:40:19 EST 2003

Hi Ian,

IF> i'm a bit confused about the capabilities of Spread from reading the
IF> webpage. it says that it can be used to do data replication between 
IF> databases running on separate hosts. but looking at 
IF> www.spreadconcepts.com data replication is package that includes "a 
IF> generic replication engine, that includes all of the replication 
IF> logic..." judging from a cursory glance at the source code, it seems 
IF> like Spread does not provide any data replication functionality. Is 
IF> this true?

The two statements that you make are both true. Spread can indeed be
used to provide data replication between databases running on separate
hosts. However, this functionality is not part of Spread itself.
Spread provides an infrastructure that can be exlpoited in order to
build an efficient data replication mechanism, but significant
algorithmic design is necessary in order to reach this level of

We have developed indeed a generic replication engine that includes
the replication logic. You can find additional details about that at:

The paper "From Total Order to Database Replication"
(http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/pub/papers/AT02_icdcs.pdf) explains exactly
what it takes to move from the group communication properties provided
by a toolkit like Spread and build a level of service that can provide


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