[Spread-users] First steps with Spread : can't get it run :(

Alexandre BAUMEISTER Alexandre.Baumeister at boursorama.fr
Thu Jun 5 05:51:19 EDT 2003

Bonjour Yair,

YA> Run Spread with the -n option as follows:

YA> ./spread -n hades

YA> That should work.

  I  have  the  same  problem  than  Eric  and already tried -n but it
  doesn't correct the fact that as soon as I'm setting EventLogFile in
  the conf file I'm getting this error :

  Finished configuration file.
  Conf_init: My proc <86>^^^ is not in configuration
  Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

  It  looks  like a buffer overflow to me because the proc name return
  is not always the same but always strange characters #~&'" ...

  Kind regards,

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