[Spread-users] First steps with Spread : can't get it run :(

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Jun 3 08:08:30 EDT 2003


Run Spread with the -n option as follows:

./spread -n hades

That should work.

     :) Yair.
On Tuesday, June 03, 2003 4:31 AM
Eric Cholet cholet at logilune.com wrote:

Eric> Any news on this?

Eric> Ryan Caudy wrote:

>> Please send your spread.conf, and the exact error you receive.  The
>> problem you describe is usually caused by one of two things: an
>> incorrect segment/host configuration in the spread.conf, or a host
>> that is unable to identify itself using gethostname() and
>> gethostbyname() as one of those in the configuration.  The solution to
>> the latter problem is to start spread with the -n option.  Also,
>> please clarify: is spread.log really empty, or is it just only
>> containing the things that print every time, like the banner, init
>> information, etc?

Eric>      % cat myspread.conf
Eric>      Spread_Segment {

Eric>          hades
Eric>      }
Eric>      EventLogFile = spread.log

Eric>      % spread -c myspread.conf
Eric>       / 
Eric> ======================================================================== 
Eric> ===\
Eric>      | The Spread Toolkit. 
Eric> |
Eric>      ip_init: IP access control file not found.
Eric>      If you are using IP based access controls, please make sure the  file 
Eric> exists.
Eric>      Conf_init: using file: myspread.conf
Eric>      Successfully configured Segment 0 [] with 1  procs:
Eric>                          hades:
Eric>      % cat spread.log
Eric>      Finished configuration file.
Eric>      Conf_init: My proc <86>^^^ is not in configuration
Eric>      Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

Eric> without EventLogFile:

Eric>      % cat myspread.conf
Eric>      Spread_Segment {

Eric>          hades
Eric>      }
Eric>      afpdirec at hades:~/conf% spread -c myspread.conf >spread.log &
Eric>      [1] 32323
Eric>      % sleep 20; ls -l spread.log
Eric>      -rw-r--r--  1 foo  foo  0 May 25 16:45 spread.log
Eric>      % host
Eric> is a nickname for 
Eric> 54.26-
Eric>      54.26- domain name pointer 
Eric> hades.logilune.com
Eric>      %

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Eric> Eric Cholet

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