[Spread-users] Windows & LINUX on one segment

John Longland johnl at im-systems.com
Wed Jul 9 01:48:48 EDT 2003

Hi all

I can run spread on a segment with :
1.	Only Windows machines  ( Win NT)
2.	Only Linux machines ( LINUX RH7.3)

but if I mix these two up, things doesn't work anymore.

Commands that I use to envoke apps:
servers:		./spread -n MACHINENAME -c spread.conf
client		./spuser -s 4803@<IP-OF-LOCAL-MACHINE> -u john

Config: 		Al machines are defined in one segment in "spread.conf"

I have found a work-around to the problem i.e. run only one daemon on
one machine and have all the clients connect to this one client. This works,
but I would also like to solve the problem : not work around it !!!


John Longland
work :  johnl at im-systems.com
personal : kontak at johnlongland.co.za
website :   www.johnlongland.co.za

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