[Spread-users] Partition problem

G. Naik gnaik at minerva.ece.drexel.edu
Mon Apr 7 09:20:24 EDT 2003


Although, my test environment is noticeably different than yours, I am
interested in how spread performs in dynamic network environments
(continuously changing routes, intermittent connectivity).  Of course in
your case, it is packet loss.  (In fact does anyone have any numbers on
how spread performs in environments prone to packet loss.)  

As of recent, my colleagues has been conducting various tests to
determine join/leave times.  Unfortunately, I cannot confirm if we are
experiencing similar partition behaviors, however, I will continue to
monitor this.  

At some point in the next two weeks, I will run the s, r utilities to
determine how my testing environment performs.  I will post those results
when they are available.  

In the meantime, please continue to post your results/experiences.  


On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Aswin Almeida wrote:

> Hello folks.
> BBN Technologies is conducting experiments on the Spread and Secure Spread (layered architecture) for DARPA.
> Recently, we experienced problems with a "partitioning issue" which can affect the measurement of join times.
> Yair is aware of these problems via our BBN-JHU-SRI experiment mailing list.
> I wanted to appeal to a _wider audience_ as well to see if anyone else has ideas.
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