[Spread-users] Final call for CVS testing

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Tue Sep 24 17:50:35 EDT 2002

[Jonathan Stanton]
> Thanks, I fixed a number of these cases, but I guess I missed some. We
> won't be releaseing until tomorrow at least anyway because of a
> problem with the parser on SGI (it has an error parsing a valid
> spread.conf file on sgi, but the parser works when compiled and run on
> linux & windows...I havn't figured out what is different about the
> compiled code on sgi yet. )


If you're using an SGI compiler there, they're much more aggressive about
optimizing than most other compilers.  As a result, they generate flaky code
more often than many other compilers too.  In the Python world, whenever
someone says "hey, it didn't work on SGI!", the instant response is "try it
again but first recompile with optimization disabled".  That usually fixes
the problem.

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