[Spread-users] Is token hold?

gulekim at samsung.co.kr gulekim at samsung.co.kr
Mon Sep 23 18:21:47 EDT 2002

Hi, all.

I am using Spread in my project and,

to get higher performance, I am investigating Spread source.

Today I found 'Is token hold' function ... It decides token hold state 


Memb_state()==OP || Memb_state()==GATHER && Memb_token_alive() && Get_retrans(Last_token->type)<=1 && Aru == Highest_seq 

&& Token_counter > 100 ==> at this moment what do you mean by Token_counter?

Why should I have to check Token_counter status and what is the role of this variable?

Anybody can help me. thanks.


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