Manuel Duran Aguete mdaguete at quantumgap.com
Tue Nov 12 15:34:54 EST 2002


El mar, 12-11-2002 a las 20:07, Daniel Rall escribió:

> Hooking a persistance mechanism up to Spread is a great idea.  Even
> better would be if this persistance mechanism provided versioning!
> Lately I've been dreaming about hooking Spread up to Subversion[1],
> and vice versa.
> Subversion uses BerkeleyDB[2] as its backend (a "local db file," as
> suggested above by Manuel), and includes both a repository access[3]
> and file system[4] API.  Subversion is implemented using the Apache
> Portable Runtime[5] C support library (and the server as a module for
> Apache httpd), and runs on unixy and windows systems.  Though still in
> development, it has been self hosting for over a year.
> The combination would make not only an ideal gateway for a persistent,
> versioned message store with access control, but would eventually
> allow Subversion to provide distributed/federated repositories.
> -- 

As can you see in this ascii:

	    -----------         INTERNET    -----------
Clients---- | Serv A. | ------------------- | Serv. B | ----- Clients
            -----------                     -----------
                 |                                |
                Disk                             Disk

	At first we need something similar to a queue manager, like a "lite"
IBM MQSeries, we are thinking that a spread group is something similar
to a MQ queue. If server a can't send the messages due a network failure
or a client disconnect then stores  the message until connection
restarts, the same for server b. 

Ben, could you send us the link to the paper you talk about?, please.


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