John Schultz jschultz at commedia.cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Nov 12 15:42:22 EST 2002

I've heard of references to queue managers before, but don't know much
about them myself. Can anyone give a brief overview of their functionality
and how it differs from Spread? And/Or could you post some links to
authoritative information on them, hopefully including example

Here is my guess: a QM sounds like a FIFO message bus that provides
reliable/redundant delivery of messages between applications with lots of
bells and whistles?

Just curious, thanks,

> As can you see in this ascii:
> 	    -----------         INTERNET    -----------
> Clients---- | Serv A. | ------------------- | Serv. B | ----- Clients
>             -----------                     -----------
>                  |                                |
>                 Disk                             Disk
> 	At first we need something similar to a queue manager, like a "lite"
> IBM MQSeries, we are thinking that a spread group is something similar
> to a MQ queue. If server a can't send the messages due a network failure
> or a client disconnect then stores  the message until connection
> restarts, the same for server b.
> Ben, could you send us the link to the paper you talk about?, please.
> 							Regards.

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