[Spread-users] Python spreadmodule for windows

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jul 23 16:40:39 EDT 2002

>>>>> "JCC" == Juan Carlos CORUÑA <jcoruna at ibdosnorte.com> writes:

  JCC> Hello all, I’m trying to compile the python spreadmodule in
  JCC> Windows, but with no success alter many time. I’m trying to use
  JCC> cygwin to compile the module and became errors.
What exactly went wrong?  The setup.py script provided with the Spread
module should compile without trouble on Windows.  If you run it,
e.g. "python setup.py build", what output is produced?

What version of Python are you using?  Have you been able to compile
other distutils-based Python extensions?

  JCC> Can anybody send me the module compiled for windows?

I'm afraid I can't.  While I occasionally test code on Windows, I
don't have recent builds of anything.
  JCC> And, it will be very interesting for me if anybody can tell me
  JCC> the way to compile python extensions using cygwin and/or
  JCC> distutils.

You might ask on python-list at python.org / comp.lang.python.


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