[Spread-users] Python spreadmodule for windows

Juan Carlos CORUÑA jcoruna at ibdosnorte.com
Tue Jul 23 08:19:24 EDT 2002

Hello all,
I’m trying to compile the python spreadmodule in Windows, but with no
success alter many time. I’m trying to use cygwin to compile the module
and became errors.
Can anybody send me the module compiled for windows?
And, it will be very interesting for me if anybody can tell me the way
to compile python extensions using cygwin and/or distutils.
Juan Carlos Coruña
jcoruna at ibdosnorte.com
Corporación Tecnológica IBdos Norte, S.A.
C/Ibáñez de Bilbao 28-4ºB (Edif. Mapfre)
48009-Bilbao (SPAIN)
Tlf.: 94-6613030
Fax: 94-4238752
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