[Spread-users] Optimal message size

Sean Chittenden sean-cnds-spread-users at chittenden.org
Wed Sep 19 14:30:19 EDT 2001

> You should use the maximal message size (somewhere around 100KBytes).
> The more you put into one message, the better Spread will utilize the network.
> How big are your objects?

This is a library/daemon/framework, so I don't know.  What I'm creating
is a reliable persistence interface/daemon, so I'm not 100% sure what
data will be used.  I'd like to be able to store actual files in the
session, so in cases it'll just be user data (small text strings), but
in other cases it'll tarballs (could be quite large) and probably jpegs.  
Is the maximal message size a limit that I can change at runtime?  Is
there any merrit to increasing it to fit the size of the message I'm
sending over the wire, or would that require some kind of negotiation
between all of the spread daemons (is there any negotiation right 
now, or are all spread daemons assumed to be at 100KB?)?

Having the application piece together multi-part messages and then 
reconstructing large objects shouldn't be too hard to write.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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