[Spread-users] Optimal message size

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Sep 19 14:52:16 EDT 2001


This is non-negotiable between the daemons. They all know this constant.
I think in the coming 3.16.1 release there is a user level constant that specify

There was a discussion on the mailing list in July about message sizes.
I think Jonathan gave a detailed explanation:

Some users wrote in Java code that allow arbitrary length:


	:) Yair.

Sean Chittenden wrote:
> > You should use the maximal message size (somewhere around 100KBytes).
> > The more you put into one message, the better Spread will utilize the network.
> >
> > How big are your objects?
> This is a library/daemon/framework, so I don't know.  What I'm creating
> is a reliable persistence interface/daemon, so I'm not 100% sure what
> data will be used.  I'd like to be able to store actual files in the
> session, so in cases it'll just be user data (small text strings), but
> in other cases it'll tarballs (could be quite large) and probably jpegs.
> Is the maximal message size a limit that I can change at runtime?  Is
> there any merrit to increasing it to fit the size of the message I'm
> sending over the wire, or would that require some kind of negotiation
> between all of the spread daemons (is there any negotiation right
> now, or are all spread daemons assumed to be at 100KB?)?
> Having the application piece together multi-part messages and then
> reconstructing large objects shouldn't be too hard to write.  -sc
> --
> Sean Chittenden

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