[Spread-users] Optimal message size

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Sep 19 08:53:29 EDT 2001


You should use the maximal message size (somewhere around 100KBytes).
The more you put into one message, the better Spread will utilize the network.

How big are your objects?

	:) Yair.

Sean Chittenden wrote:

> How well does spread work for large objects?  I'm wondering whether or
> not I should have the spread session managers open up a TCP port for
> large blobs of data.  Has anyone done any benchmarking to figure out at
> what size a piece of data should be sent over the wire via TCP vs
> spread/UDP?  I'd think that latency, throughput of the network, and the
> size of the messages will make a difference, but am wondering if there's
> decent formulaic way of having this dynamically determined based off of
> the parameters in the spread daemon.  Any thoughts?
>         -sc

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