[Spread-users] solved: daemons can talk to one another using unicast udp

Dave Schere dave.avantgarde at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:34:10 EDT 2014

I had multiple issues. I had two versions of spread daemons 4.3 and logging
set higher in one configuration file then the other.

The correct configuration for two spread daemons using UDP was

Spread_Segment <ip of machine 1>:4803{
    <host name of machine 1> <ip of machine 1>
Spread_Segment <ip of machine 2>:4803{
    <host name of machine 2> <ip of machine 2>

I did notice that SAFE messages are not persistent, I though if I killed an
app running one one machine that joined to a group shared by the other
machine that a safe message would be delivered when I rejoined the group.

whatever, its working ....
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