[Spread-users] Miss files when compiling spread-src-4.3.0

仇立偉 liwei_chour at mail.apex.com.tw
Sun Jun 16 22:39:27 EDT 2013

Dear Sir:

  I download the spread-src-4.3.0 from
http://www.spread.org/download/spread-src-4.3.0.tar.gz and compile using the
Visual Studio 2008 and the Ubuntu. 

In the Visual Studio 2008, I find that miss some files like





In the Ubuntu, the make reports that 

  /apread-src-4.3.0/libspread-util/src/events.c:480 : undefined reference to


So where do I the full code to compile both in Visual Studio 2008 and Ubntu?




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