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Jesus Alberto Iribe González jaigalbert at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 26 22:02:57 EDT 2013

Hi, good night.
Good evening, we are graduate students of Master in computational systems Institutot Tecnologico de la Laguna, studying and watching its website reading tutorials and practices wanting to have the following problems:
I want to set Spread to send messages on a local network of four machinesThe configuration of my segment is
Spread_Segment {alberto}
and only we make the line like:
DangerousMonitor = trueWe run to run the daemon and then run the file sptmonitor.exe, create and send a partition and set recivida by the devil.
finallyWe run sptuser.exe and create a groupwhich is created on each machine without relation to the other and we can not RECEIVE messages of others

We hope your helpThanks a lot.

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Casa: 6692001872
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