[Spread-users] [PATCH] pkgconfig file for libspread

Hisham H M hisham at gobolinux.org
Thu Feb 2 14:57:50 EST 2012


I'm just getting started with Spread and I'm enjoying it so far.

As I approached integrating the client library with my autoconf
scripts, I found it simpler to add a .pc file to the Spread
distribution rather than diving in the autoconf macros for library

The attached patch adds a libspread.pc to the Spread distribution,
which is generated at build time and installed along with libspread. I
put it in the libspread directory since I figured that for
installations that build only the client library, I could do "make -C
libspread install" instead of installing the whole thing. This way I
get only libraries, headers and the .pc file installed.

With this patch, using the client library in other autoconf-based
projects can be done somewhat like this:

AC_ARG_WITH([libspread], [  --with-libspread=PREFIX     Location of
libspread, the Spread client library],

if ! test x$LIBSPREADFOUND = xyes; then
        echo "Failed."
        echo "Libspread and its devel headers are required."
        exit 1


-- Hisham
ps: I'm not currently subscribed to the list, so please cc: me on any replies.
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