[Spread-users] can i run two process that use spread on the same machine without them see each other?

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at spreadconcepts.com
Mon Dec 17 09:00:51 EST 2012

If you just want to run two applications that you control over the same Spread network, the easiest way is to make sure they use different Spread groups for their communication. You can also have them use different private group prefixes, so the particular endpoint names will never overlap. That would effectively isolate them. 

They would still share the performance of the ring and this is not a 'secure' isolation as if an application wanted to interfere with the other application then it could do so. 

If you need stronger isolation, the best option is to run 2 Spread networks on different ports as you describe below. 

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On Dec 17, 2012, at 8:54 AM, Yakov Yarmolovsky wrote:

> I have two process that use spread-toolkit and i want to run them on the same machine but the are not suppose to see each other in the spread.
> The only simple solution that I can come up with is running to spread instances on different ports and configuration on the same machine.
> Is there any way to separate them in the spread configuration instead of the solution above?
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