[Spread-users] Issue with Spread going silent

Luke Marsden luke-lists at hybrid-logic.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 08:12:29 EST 2010

Hi Yair,

Here is the spmonitor report:


I add the first node at T+0, the second one at T+15 seconds, upon which
they sync up and all is fine. Then I add the third node at T+46 seconds,
and they never manage to sync.

I've left it for around 7 minutes after adding the last node, to no

Let me know any further information you would like, or whether you'd
like SSH access to this cluster to start debugging. If it helps speed
things up, you can add me on Skype, I'm luke.marsden.

I'll be here all day :-)

Best Regards,
Luke Marsden
CTO, Hybrid Logic Ltd.

Web: http://www.hybrid-cluster.com/
Hybrid Web Cluster - cloud web hosting

Mobile: +447791750420

On Sun, 2010-11-07 at 07:44 -0500, Yair Amir wrote:
> Luke,
> If you can, please e-mail a monitor report that lasts for two minutes or so,
> so that we can see several (10 or so) reports from each daemon such that
> after a while you add the third machine and then it continues for a while
> so that we can see several reports after you added the third machine.
> Cheers,
> 	:) Yair.
> On 11/7/10 7:36 AM, Luke Marsden wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > To pin this down as a potential FreeBSD 8.1 issue, I have now
> > demonstrated that Spread 4.1.0 works fine on Debian 5.0 in the same
> > network infrastructure (with multiple Spread segments, one for each
> > public IP).
> > 
> > I will now test it on FreeBSD 8.0 to see if it was some change in
> > FreeBSD 8.1 which is subtly interacting with Spread to cause this
> > "self-destruct-on-new-join" behaviour.
> > 
> > If so, would anyone be able to help me create a patch to Spread which
> > fixes it? I know precious little about Spread's internal protocol.
> > 
> > Full verbosity failure logs coming later, which we can hopefully compare
> > to the successful Debian run to figure out where it's going wrong!
> > 

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