[Spread-users] REJECT_QUOTA exception

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Sat Aug 21 11:54:21 EDT 2010

The Spread daemon uses a select() loop for its event processing.  Therefore, it cannot handle more file descriptors than select can on your platform.  Typically, select supports ~1000 file descriptors.  So systems have raised or removed that limitation.  If your system allows more fds, then raising MAX_FD_EVENTS should allow Spread to handle more connections.

Based on your description though, it sounds like something else is going on.  Either your daemon is already almost saturated with connections from other programs, or somehow connections aren't getting closed out, or some other strange issue is occurring.


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On Aug 20, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Will Pierce wrote:

I dug into the source a bit...

Looks like daemon/session.c is the only place where REJECT_QUOTA appears and is returned from the daemon only when there are as many connections already established as MAX_SESSIONS, which is defined in spread_params.h as  ( (MAX_FD_EVENTS-5) / 2), and since MAX_FD_EVENTS is also #defined as 2000, that makes MAX_SESSIONS equal to 997.  This is interesting, I hadn’t realized that there was such a limit.  I believe this is a per-daemon limit, not a global spread network limit, and I’d also suspect you can easily raise the #define value for MAX_FD_EVENTS from 2000 to 16384 if you actually need more than 997 sessions on a single spread daemon.  (Just a guess, not tested.)

If you enable the ‘SESSION’ DebugFlags option in your spread.conf file, you may get some information about what sessions are coming into your daemon…

Also, you might want to check the output of:  netstat -netap | grep :4803   on your spread daemon host to see how many TCP client connections are active to your spread daemon.  My first guess would be that you’re accidentally bringing up many more sessions than expected.  But without more information, it’s hard to tell.

- Will

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 1:54 PM, Fandrich, Chris <cfandrich at ea.com> wrote:

When I try to connect to our Spread daemon, I get a REJECT_QUOTA exception.  I’m the 17th attempted connection so I assume that our daemon is configured to accept 16 connections.  How do I change this?



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