[Spread-users] Head Quarter (HQ) and distant sites

Daniel Essayag help at dds-security.com
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Hi John,

Thanks for your answer. But I did not understand it.

If we took an example with HQ and two sites A and B

A and B will contains pairwise configurations. It means the conf file will
contain only A and HQ on PC A, and B and HQ on PC B.

But what do you mean by "bridge between them at the HQ" ?
You told me we can not make them in a unique conf. 
Do you mean that we will run many spreads on same HQ PC (each deamon on a
specific port 4803, 4805, etc...) ?
In this case, our application should ask each spread deamon to know if
something happen (sp_Poll)? 

Is there a way to make a bridge on HQ ? and how? 



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Not really.  One thing you could do is run 15 pairwise configurations and
then bridge between them at the HQ.  You'll lose some of the semantics, but
you will get the communication pattern you want.


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On Sep 10, 2009, at 10:46 AM, Daniel Essayag wrote:


We have an installation with one Head Quarter (HQ) and 15 distant sites.
Each PC runs a Spread deamon. All the PCs have the same Spread.Conf that
contains all the PCs of all the sites.

When we open port 4803 and 4804 to allow sites to dicuss between themselves,
it works OK.

But the security policy of the client is to allow communication between the
distant sites and the HQ but not between the sites themselves.

Is there a way to configure it ?
for example, could we put different Spread.conf on each distant site that
contain only itself and the HQ, and on the HQ spread.conf all the PCs?


Daniel Essayag

(PS: Spread version 3.17)

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