[Spread-users] Order of members in vs_sets

Tudor Dumitras tdumitra at ece.cmu.edu
Mon Mar 30 14:07:51 EDT 2009

Dear Spread users,

I wonder if the list of members in a vs_set, as returned by 
SP_get_vs_set_members(), is ordered in a deterministic way. The 
documentation for SP_receive() states that the list of members returned 
through the groups parameter (the current membership view) is the same 
for all the processes receiving the membership message, so that a leader 
can be deterministically elected for the group. Does the list of members 
is a vs_set follow the same ordering?

In other words, can I use std::set_difference(), between 
SP_get_vs_set_members(vs_sets[my_vs_set]) and the previous membership 
view, to determine the members who are no longer part of the group after 
receiving a CAUSED_BY_NETWORK membership message?




Tudor A. Dumitras

ECE Department
Carnegie Mellon University


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