[Spread-users] Spread & Message Queue Systems (was:Spread Scalability)

Benjamin Scherrey scherrey at proteus-tech.com
Fri Feb 20 01:37:05 EST 2009

    You pose an interesting question - could anyone educate us on just
what the practical and architectural differences are between Spread &
message queue systems like RabbitQ & OpenAMQ? Is one an appropriate
substitute for the other and what are their primary strengths and
weaknesses in terms of system event notification, application
messaging, and deployment? Does it make sense to use a combination of
these technologies in some cases?


    -- Ben Scherrey

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 1:19 AM, Martin Samson <msamson at hcn-inc.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently looking at several messaging solutions to deploy for
> our platform.
> One of the requirement is the ability to support around 2 000
> hosts/clients on a shared network (the network is owned by us, but the
> bandwidth is shared amongst different services such as: messaging, http,
> VOIP, streaming).
> While reading the user guide, it specifies a total limit of 128 hosts.
> How would you setup a network of 2 000 machines attached to spread as
> their messaging backbone?
> If spread cannot scale to that number of hosts, which solution would you
> recommend? (RabbitMQ, OpenAMQ, Custom?)
> Thanks,
> Martin Samson
> HCN Inc.
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