[Spread-users] Network with two sites directly connected.

Sandeep Agarwal sandeepagarwal.1980 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 13:45:07 EDT 2009

hi all,

One very naive question regarding Fig. 2.2 (Page 10 of the guide/PDF
page 15) at http://www.spread.org/docs/guide/users_guide.pdf.

Is it a requirement that the two different sites behind the router
need to have different range of IP addresses. The guide states network
"x.32.49.0" for one site and "x.32.50.0" for other. Is it possible to
for spread to communicate if both the sites are on "x.32.49.0" ?

My setup is very much similar to the Figure mentioned. I assume (for
better understanding on my setup) routers shown in the figure are  two
VMware hosts, A and B, connected with the IP range "192.168.100.x" all
the machines behind each router as a guest to the respective VMware
host. These guests are connected with the IP range "192.168.186.x" for
both A and B.

Now I want to communicate guest on host A with IP to
communicate with guest on host B with IP here does not exists on A.

Is it possible as both the sites fall in same network range ?

Sorry, if I am not able to explain the issue properly. Let me know if
that is the case I'll try to rephrase my question.


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