[Spread-users] Re: Bug in spread - message counter

M S martin4321234 at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 3 09:24:08 EDT 2008

As mentioned before spread will become totally unusable after about
2^31 messages have been sent.
This can simply be reproduced using spflooder with small messages.
Knowing that the spread system will become blocked after a certain
amount of time (e.g. number of messages) is not acceptable for me.

Is somebody already working on the spread message counter enlargement
topic (int64 instead of int32)?

I observed restarting _one_ of my spread daemons or starting an
additional spread daemon will cause the message counter to start from
zero again, if this is done _before_ the blocking counter limit is
Thus it should be possible to achieve a counter reset in some way
_without_ configuring DangerousMonitor=true.
Can you tell me what steps are performed when a new spread daemon
comes up and joins an already running spread system? Why will this
lead to a counter reset?

Of course solving the counter length problem would be better as a workaround.


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