[Spread-users] Message sequence counter wrap bug fixed

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at spread.org
Sat Oct 11 11:13:42 EDT 2008


I've committed a fix to svn trunk for the problem where sequence numbers
used by the daemons cause a hung daemon when they reach 2^32 (the max
value of the counter). This fix works in my tests, but I would be very
interested in anyone who has had this problem verifing that it also
solves the problem for them. If you have not used the svn trunk before, 
you can find instructions at www.spread.org/devel.html

This fix does not change the packet formats of Spread and so is fully 
compatible with Spread 4.0 systems. However because it does not increase 
the counter size, what it does do is trigger a spurrious membership 
change amoung the daemons when the counter gets close to wrapping which 
resets it back to 0. This membership will NOT be seen by any of your 
client applications, but will cause a short (few second) pause in the 
daemon throughput of messages. 

Let me know what you think of this. 


Jonathan Stanton         jonathan at spread.org
Spread Group Messaging   www.spread.org
Spread Concepts LLC      www.spreadconcepts.com

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