[Spread-users] spread daemon hangs after running for a few days

chanh hua dawginlife at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 16:09:53 EDT 2008

John, i didn't get your response in my inbox and only
saw the response in the newsletter -- strange.

I talked to the network admin, and he's not seeing any drops 
btw the servers on the segments.  And he confirmed the 
broadcast address i used was correct.

The explanation he gave for why we might have observed all 
these misses was b/c the broadcast address used contains all 
network machines(i.e. desktops, printers, etc...) and not 
just servers and most of those machines ignore broadcast.  
But since he doesn't know what these results mean, he can't
say for sure.  Bring me to my question, what network 
property is the misses data suppose to tell us?

If this is an issue, would using a multicast address be 
better?  However, when i used a multicast address for the 
test, i still saw a lot of misses.

would having a lot of drops lead cause daemon to
be unresponsive?


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