[Spread-users] spread daemon hangs after running for a few days

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Tue Mar 11 11:46:13 EDT 2008

Actually, it looks like your network is badly broken as out of 10,000 
packets 8001 were lost, if I'm interpreting your report correctly.  If 
that loss rate is correct and persistant, then I'm surprised that Spread 
(or any similar communication tool) functions well at all for you.

You should look at your spmonitor output while the system is live and see 
how many / what kind of retrans you are getting.  If your network is good, 
then the retrans numbers should go up very slowly, if at all.  If they are 
incrementing by 10s or 100s per second in an active system, then there is 
a serious problem in your network.


John Schultz
Spread Concepts
Phn: 443 838 2200

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, chanh hua wrote:

> I've been digging through the mailing archive, but haven't been able to find any thread on the problem we are experiencing.
> We've been running the config setup, shown at the bottom, for months on windows server 2003 using spread version 3.17.4.  I've used spsend and sprecv with -a with final results of:
>    sprecv  -  Report: total packets 10000, total missed 8001, total corrupted 0
>    spsend -  sent 10000 packets of 1024 bytes
> So, it seems the Spread_Segments are setup correctly and the network is not an issue.
> however, the daemon will suddenly become unresponsive after it's been running fine for a few days.  The longest any daemon has been up without issue was around 3 or 5 weeks; the shortest would be around 4 days.  Once we restart the spread daemon, everything is fine again until the next relapse.
> Any help or insight into resolving this issue will greatly be appreciated.
> EventLogFile = C:\logs\spreadlog.log
> EventTimeStamp = "[%a %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S]"
> SocketPortReuse = ON
> DangerousMonitor = true
> Spread_Segment {
>     as-ny-cbapps2
>     as-ny-cbsql3
> }
> Spread_Segment {
>     as-phl-cbiis1
>     as-phl-cbiis4
> }
> ---------------------------------
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