[Spread-users] Loosing SAFE_MESS messages??

John Robinson jr at vertica.com
Thu Jun 19 13:40:04 EDT 2008

Another common cause is if another group member, such as perhaps the 
sender, fails to drain its received messages.

Daniel F. Savarese wrote:
> In message <738E784E-56F6-492D-B35F-A27662C7B7A0 at vafer.org>, Torsten Curdt writ
> es:
>> After 5300 messages I am start losing messages. In fact after about  
>> 9300 I am getting a -8 error from spread on the sender.
>> What's going on?
> If you send messages faster than they can be received, the spread daemon
> will disconnect the receiver after the unread messages pile up above
> a certain threshold (around 1000 messages).  But if the sender is being
> disconnected, I'd have to look at the source code to see under what
> conditions that can happen.
> daniel
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