[Spread-users] Loosing SAFE_MESS messages??

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Thu Jun 19 12:18:27 EDT 2008

I have one process that is receiving messages:

     for (;;) {

     	sperror = SP_receive(mailbox, &service_type, sender, members,  
&num_groups, target_groups,
     		&message_type, &endian_mismatch, sizeof(mess), mess );

     	if (sperror < 0) {
             fprintf(stderr, "spread error");

	    mess[sperror] = 0;
    		printf("%s", mess);

And another one that sends messages (on the same machine, localhost):

	sperror = SP_multicast(mailbox, SAFE_MESS, spreadgroup, 0,  
message_len, message);
	if (sperror < 0) {
	    fprintf(stderr, "Error writing to spread. (Error %d)\n", sperror);


After 5300 messages I am start losing messages. In fact after about  
9300 I am getting a -8 error from spread on the sender.

What's going on?

Spread4 on Linux


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