[Spread-users] SP_connect() and -6 REJECT_NOT_UNIQUE with remote daemons

Matt Garman matthew.garman at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 16:03:37 EDT 2008

We experience the following scenario from time-to-time:

    - When using a spread program (client) with a remote daemon, the
      link between the client and daemon temporarily goes down.
      (I.e. network problems)

    - Our client programs are written to detect a disconnect, and
      they automatically try to re-connect.

    - But when the link is restorted, the connection fails with:

        SP_error: (-6) Connection rejected, name not unique

Our assumption is that when the connection goes down, the daemon
doesn't properly register the disonnect.  So it keeps all of the
user names as active.  Then when the connection comes back, and the
processes try to reconnect, the daemon rejects because it thinks the
names are already used.

The API docs suggest that we try connecting again with a different
name.  This isn't really practical for us... Is there any other way
to force the daemon to recognize the client disconnect?


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