[Spread-users] reliable messages

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Fri Jun 6 12:25:07 EDT 2008

> (1) Spread does not save messages for retransmission across group  
> membership
> changes -- if your daemon (or client) drops out for whatever reason,  
> Spread
> will not auto-magically recover messages for process that it missed  
> while it
> was gone.
> (2) A reliable message means that so long as the group membership  
> does not
> change, then Spread will recover and deliver this message to all group
> members (i.e. - overcome intermittent network packet losses).  The  
> virtual
> synchrony property defines what happens to a reliable message around  
> the
> time of a (network) membership change.  Basically, processes that go  
> through
> the same membership changes will deliver all the same reliable  
> messages.
> (3) The Spread project is very stable and the mailing list is quite  
> active.
> New releases occur based on demand for new features and when issues  
> are
> found.  We are working on a new release for the not so distant  
> future to
> address roll over, dynamic reconfig. issues and some minor bugs that  
> have
> been brought to light.

Excellent! Thanks!

Is there a bug tracker that I might have missed? Would love to see if  
some of the gripes I came across are already listed ...or even  
scheduled for the new release.


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