[Spread-users] reliable messages

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Fri Jun 6 10:00:29 EDT 2008

>>> he general concept of spread is great I am wondering about a few  
>>> details.
>>> What happens if a box drops out of the spread ring due to a crash  
>>> or physical problem. What does that mean to the fact that some  
>>> boxes in the ring are sending "reliable messages". I doubt that  
>>> that box will get all the messages when it comes back online? Who  
>>> would cache the messages if so?
> There is no caching.  The daemons are responsible for delivery to  
> clients, with the given reliability semantics.

OK ...that's fine. Just wanted clarification on that.

>>> Also I am wondering about the project's state. It has been a while  
>>> since the last release.
>> No one here to answer? That sort of answers the last question :(
> I think you haven't received much support so far because everything  
> you've asked is (I believe) covered in the docs and in the mailing  
> list archives.

If so I must have missed that in the docs. As for the archives - they  
are not searchable.


You are not suggesting that users should go through years of messages  
thread by thread - do you?

> I'd argue that the project is quite stable, and has been for years.

  I have used spread before but found the configuration part to be  
quite fragile.

Once you got it working it's great though.


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