[Spread-users] Are all group messages sent to all servers?

Lobiv Igor Igor.Lobiv at sitronicsts.com
Wed Jan 23 10:31:29 EST 2008

== Would the following example work?

No. I test this example: if U11 send to L1 some message, 

this message also goes to S2 daemon.


Moreover if global group G12 is not exist: 

i.e. all users stay only in theirs local groups,

the message from U11 to group L1 also goes to S2.


Few days ago I sent you misinformation, because 

I used wrong IP-packet filter for wireshark 

and didn't see broadcast messages.

(Communication between daemons goes via UDP, port 4804,

Group messages - via UDP port 4803)


Lobiv Igor wrote:

> Thanks,

> I see the broadcast UDP messages if a user is outside of daemon. John is

> correct.


> i.e. if all group users are inside "message initiated" daemon - the

> message will be process locally. No any message goes out [to others

> daemons]. 



This is useful to know.


Would the following example work?


Say I have 2 servers on 2 segments, S1 and S2.


I have 2 users connected to each server, U11 and U12 connected to S1

and U21 and U22 connected to S2.


I have 3 groups, one local to each server and one "shared" or global: 

L1, L2, and G12.

Users U11 and U12 join L1 and G12.

Users U21 and U22 join L2 and G12.


Is it true that all messages sent and received by U11 and U12 to L1 will

remain local to the segment of S1, similarly for L2, and that messages

for G12 will be sent to both S1 and S2 ?


> But, if one of group users stays outside "message initiated" daemon -

> all daemons will

> receive the message.


> Under load network traffic will increase significantly. Each "external"

> message will be sent to all daemons.

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