[Spread-users] Are all group messages sent to all servers?

Lobiv Igor Igor.Lobiv at sitronicsts.com
Mon Jan 21 06:29:33 EST 2008

Hi Jim!


I cannot repeat this behavior. | Version 4.00.00 Built 29/November/2006

I created two daemons D1 and D2 on different computers. To each daemon I attached two users. (To D1 I attached users U1 and U2, to D2 I attached users U3, U4). 

I send safe message from U1 to private group #U2#D1. This message is received by U2, but D1 didn't send the message to D2. (I monitored traffic via wireshark).

So the question is: how to repeat behavior, described in your letter - that "local" traffic sends to all remote daemon (user)?


Jim Kleckner wrote:

> John Lane Schultz wrote:

>> I believe that all messages, including ones to private groups, go to all

>> daemons right now.  There has been talk of optimizing this behavior to

>> only send meta-messages to all daemons and send the actual messages

>> only to those daemons that need them, but this work has not yet been

>> done.



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