[Spread-users] connect to client in group

Andrew Holt andrew.holt at 4asolutions.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 07:18:11 EST 2008


I wonder if this is possible, or easily implemented, first let me set  
the scene:

I have a logging client running on machine A.  It joins the group  
(imaginatively named) logger, with a random (e.g.tmp_1234) connection  

It looks at the membership list and if there is no other client named  
logger it reconnects as logger.

A second client, running on machine B. joins , finds there is already  
a logger running and stays connected using it's random name.

If the first client disconnects, or the machine hosting it dies, the  
second gets the message and re-connects as logger.

This gives me a simple fail-over mechanism.

Now to the question.

I want to be able to send a message to the client logger in the group  
logger irrespective of the machine that its is connecting from.

So instead of #logger#machinea something like #logger#logger.

Any suggestions ?


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