[Spread-users] Configuration or install problem?

Petter Nordby pnordby at network-electronics.com
Tue Apr 29 02:57:53 EDT 2008

I can not connect to the spread daemon after upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04.
The error message from an application when trying to connect is:
SP_error: (-1) Illegal spread was provided

The daemon starts successfully from the command line. I use spread
version 4.0.0 compiled from source, and tried to re-install everything
like this (from the spread source directory) without solving the
sudo make uninstall
make clean
sudo apt-get remove spread libspread1
sudo apt-get purge spread libspread1
sudo make install

Connecting to the spread daemon was no problem before upgrading Ubuntu.
The application which connects to the daemon has been clean-compiled
using the new Ubuntu version. Both the daemon and application runs on
the same computer, and the spread-port can be connected to by starting
netcat (nc) in listen mode (when the spread daemon is not running).

Any suggestions?

Sorry for sending this email twice, but the first one did not appear in
the list archive.

Petter Nordby

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