[Spread-users] Spread 4.0.0rc2 to official 4.0.0 upgrade

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Thu Nov 1 13:35:47 EDT 2007

They are completely compatible at the API level.

I'm not 100% sure at the daemon level.  Jonathan, can you answer this?


Thursday, November 1, 2007, 12:57:27 PM, you wrote:

> This seems like the kind of question that would have been asked
> before, so if it's already been discussed or documented, please
> point me to the information!

> Anyway, we are about to upgrade our spread installation from
> 4.0.0rc2 to 4.0.0 (current official release).

> We have an enormous amount of infrastructure build around spread,
> using the C, Java and Perl APIs.

> My main question is: are 4.0.0rc2 and 4.0.0 backwards- and
> forwards-compatible, both in the daemons and at the API level?  Do
> we need to recompile all systems, or can we incrementally do it?

> Thank you!
> Matt

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