[Spread-users] Configuration Matters - Network Topology

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu May 3 00:33:01 EDT 2007

Let's say that I have two networks:
   10.  0.0.0/24

(and I have 1 or more machines in each network running Spread, and 
there's at least one machine in this configuration that has two network 
cards and consequently bridges the 192 and 10 network - let's call this 
machine the BRIDGE).

Now, let's say I have: (part of a network)

...which also runs Spread and can route packets through to the network [but has no direct access to the 

What I want to do is have a Spread daemon running locally on, which will then talk to the machines on the 
network which then talks to the machines on network.

To put this another way, how do I setup a segment so that the Spread 
Daemon on *knows* about the BRIDGE and/or any of the other 
machines it has a route to but is not part of their network?

Currently I've tried:

# This is equiv. to
Spread_Segment {

# This is the network
Spread_Segment {

Here's what Spread logs:

[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54] --------------------
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54] Configuration at localhost is:
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54] Num Segments 2
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54]      1    4803
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54]              localhost
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54]      0      4803
[Thu 03 May 2007 04:27:54] ====================

There is a Spread daemon on nf3 configured with the same configuration 
except I start taht daemone with a -n nf3.

Both these Spread daemons were built from the Spread-4.0 source tar 
balls but one is on an Ubuntu GNU/Linux (the first one called localhost) 
and the other one is a FreeBSD 6.2 (called NF3).

Needless to say, "localhost" messages/joins etc don't get sent to the 
Spread daemon on "NF3" (as I can't see them with spuser).

As is probably noticable, I'm a little fuzzy as to how to describe the 
problem I'm having...


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