[Spread-users] sptUser reports SP_Error (-8) Connection closed by Spread

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Fri Mar 30 15:21:32 EDT 2007

spuser and spflooder are not designed to work together.  What is happenning is 
that the spuser can't keep up with the flood of messages from spflooder (due to 
printing to the screen every message), so messages build up in Spread.  When it 
gets to about 1000 msgs, Spread will disconnect the slow receiver so that it 
doesn't crash/slow down from memory exhaustion.

Spread does not implement flow control for user applications for myriad reasons. 
    For applications that expect to send very fast (e.g. - spflooder), the 
application will have to implement some form of flow control.

You can run a bunch of spflooder's together using the -n option.  spflooder uses 
a simple, non-ACK based flow control algorithm.


joe hardy wrote:
> I'm running the spread daemon on port 1000 on ip
> I start spread via 'spread -n primary' (where primary is defined in the 
> config)
> I start sptUser on the same machine via 'sptUser -s 1000 at'
> I have sptuser join the 'flooder' group
> I start spFlooder on the same machine via 'spFlooder -u fldr -s 
> 1000 at'
> I see a bunch of messages fly by in the sptUser window and then it 
> reports 'SP_Error (-8) Connection closed by Spread'
> spFlooder reports that it has successfully completed 10000 messages of 
> 1000 bytes
> It does not appear that sptUser got more than 100-200 of the messages.
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