[Spread-users] Spread over Routers

Daniel Essayag help at dds-security.com
Tue Jun 5 09:31:42 EDT 2007

On a site with Spread, a customer reports all works fine early morning and
late evenings, but not during office hours when the network is busier. 
We try today to run manually the spread.exe and use sptuser to join the same
During office hours, we saw that on each PC, each member is the only one on
the group.   
And indeed during less busy times - when the 2nd PC joined the group he was
now the 2nd member.
On further investigating with TRACERT we saw that the problem occurs when
there are 3 routers between the computers involved, but when there is only 1
router -  it is always fine. (Could not check with 2 routers).
Here are the CONF file from the site plus the relevant TRACERT results. 
We've tested the join group issue twice:
- Between ACCESSSERVER & 'ncl' >>> Get the above problem.
- Between ACCESSSERVER & 'jcb12-chenjf' >>> Always ok.
--- spread.conf---
    Spread_Segment {
    Spread_Segment {
    Spread_Segment {
    Spread_Segment {

DangerousMonitor = true
--- end ---
---TRACERT from ACCESSSERVER to ncl--- 
tracing route to ncl []
1 <10ms <10ms <10ms
2 <10ms < 10ms <10ms
3  15ms  16ms <10ms
4  16ms  <10ms  15ms  ncl []
--- end ---
---TRACERT from ACCESSSERVER to jcb12-chenjf--- 
tracing route to jcb12-chenjf []
1 <10ms <10ms <10ms
2 <10ms < 10ms <10ms jcb12-chenjf []
--- end ---
Should we specify each router as spread segment in the spread.conf ? 
Are we missing something? Is there a way to diagnose and solve the source of
the problem? 
Thanks & best regards,
Daniel Essayag 
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