[Spread-users] Beginers question

5264277-ew5264277 andrew.holt at 4asolutions.co.uk
Tue Jul 10 10:47:26 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I am new to spread, do be gentle :)

I have installed spread on two machines, on different, routed networks.

When I start spread on each spmonitor show each server.

sptmonitor can shut down both daemons.

I run sptuser on each, and join a group (simple_group).

I cannot send a message to the group and have both machines recieve it.

So my questions are:

1. Can this be done (my guess is "Yes, of course") ?
2. Do I need to do anything to the config file ?

btw, here is my config file:

Spread_Segment  y.211.55.255:4803 {
    xubuntu x.211.55.4

Spread_Segment  y.105.118.255:4803 {
    macbook y.105.118.55

EventLogFile = /var/log/spread.log
DangerousMonitor = true


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