[Spread-users] Spread Performance (Financial Market Data Distribution)

Thomas Lo thomas.lo at financialogixgroup.com
Mon Jul 9 07:27:52 EDT 2007

We are evaluating Spread to be used in market data distribution for  
financial trading application. We are currently testing the  
throughput of using spread and our first test involves sending  
100,000 56 bytes messages and the throughput on publisher is 122,228  
messages per second and the receiver is 12,052 messages per second  
which is quite good (daemon, publisher, and receiver are on the same  
machine as the first test). However, when we increase the no. of  
receivers (from one to four) connecting to the same daemon, the  
throughput for both publisher and receiver start to decrease  
dramatically (half of what it can achieve before). Is there any  
configuration I need to tune the daemon on dealing with multiple  

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