[Spread-users] Java library DROP JVM 1.1 support?

Nuno Carvalho nunomrc at di.fc.ul.pt
Fri Jan 5 06:57:12 EST 2007

Hi all,

On Jan 4, 2007, at 9:57 , Daniel Rall wrote:

> On Fri, 01 Apr 2005, toby cabot wrote:
>> Jonathan Stanton wrote:
>>> Does anyone have a problem with that or a reason we should continue
>>> to support 1.1?
>> I'm in favor of having a high-performance driver that uses the recent
>> JVM I/O features but you might want to keep the old one around in  
>> case
>> someone needs to run it in an applet.
> Jonathan, I recommend dropping support for Java 1.1 in favor of 1.2.
> A high performance client could be built using Java 1.5's NIO
> features, but I would recommend against this being the sole supported
> Java client.  Perhaps a conditionally-compiled extension of the
> existing client could be provided?

We have a Java API for Spread that you mint be interested :)

I'm working on a research project where we need a generic service and  
API for group communication, so we built the jGCS, a Group  
Communication Service for Java.
This service uses a generic API and has several implementations.  
Spread is one of them. One of the good features about this service is  
that one can change the toolkit that provides group communication  
without changing the application code, using the Inversion of Control  
design pattern.

Regarding the Spread binding of jGCS, we noticed that the Spread Java  
API is a bottleneck in performance, so we implemented jGCS using the  
jGCS is a very optimized Java API alternative for Spread.

You can find more information about jGCS here: http://jgcs.sf.net
and the project: http://gorda.di.uminho.pt/

Nuno Carvalho
University of Lisbon, Portugal

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