[Spread-users] migrating from spread-3.17 to spread-4.0...questions

john allspaw jallspaw at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 13:39:29 EST 2007

Hey all - 

I've got about 100 apache boxes speaking error/access logs in 10 different rings, with mod_log_spread doin
the talking to a spreadlogd daemon on a single machine.

We've seen some situations where UDP storms will happen from time to time, and I think I'd like to 
get spread-4.0 running, since the changelog looks like it's got some good stability fixes.

Question is: in order to test spread-4, is there any reason why I can't deploy spread-4 onto *one* of the nodes, even if the rest
of them in the ring are spread-3.17 ?  or do I have to deploy the whole ring with spread-4 ?
and...since the log aggregation machine is essentially listening on all rings, should I also upgrade
the spread daemon on the spreadlogd host ?

thanks in advance!

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