[Spread-users] Changing configs?

Rick Cobb rcobb at KnowNow.com
Wed Jan 3 01:29:28 EST 2007

I think most of us are waiting for / evaluating 4.0 for the real
solution to this.

In the meantime, our system is to set up new configurations on all the
machines, then signal them to restart using a SAFE message.  We only
have one client per node, so the client itself restarts the daemon and
then reconnects to the group.

Not exactly a great general-purpose solution, but it's worked for us.

-- ReC

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Today I needed to add a new box to a spread ring that already had nine
machines in it -- ideally without taking the ring down in the process.

I started up spread on the new box with the "new" configuration (with
ten machines), and it wouldn't talk to the other boxes.  Then I started
restarting spread on other boxes with the new configuration.

As far as I could tell, during this time there were two separate rings
-- the "old" configuration and the "new" configuration.  This was
probably most problematic with my wackamole groups -- during the time my
wackamole groups were straddling the two spread rings, each virtual IP
was "owned" by two machines!

This seems like a common quandry for spread users.. how are other people
handling this?


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