[Spread-users] newbie question(s)

cgnicholas at alamedanet.net cgnicholas at alamedanet.net
Tue Feb 27 02:02:38 EST 2007

apologies in advance for a few questions that are no doubt answsered
somewhere in the archives, etc, but here goes:

I'm thinking to use spread for an app that logically might have a *vast*
number of groups, but only a reasonably small number active at any one
time; i.e. the naming for a spread group is essentially a 4D cube,
according to "x_y_z_t" , i.e. groups consist of who is "nearby" in
quantized space and time. I'm wondering:

a) Will internal queues of unread messages eventually get cleaned up, if
they aren't drained, and the listener that joined the various groups
dropped its connection?

b) How long do spread groups remain "alive" on a server if nobody is
sending or receiving?

c) what should I be asking that I'm not?

thanks in advance!


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