[Spread-users] SP_kill() calls in SP_receive and multicast calls

Alec H. Peterson alec.peterson at messagesystems.com
Fri Sep 15 12:07:16 EDT 2006

Hi John,

On Sep 15, 2006, at 9:04, John Lane Schultz wrote:

> Hi Alec,
> This race condition has been removed in Spread 4.  Now the only way  
> a mailbox/descriptor will be closed is through an explicit call by  
> the user to either SP_disconnect or SP_kill.  This allows the user  
> to do the proper synchronization between threads to ensure each  
> thread is talking on the proper mailbox.
> We believe that this is a strictly better way of handling shutting  
> down mailboxes and do not intend to support the previous behavior  
> any longer.

Great, yet another reason to look at Spread 4 :-)

Thanks John,


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