[Spread-users] spread event queue patch

Camp, TracyX E tracyx.e.camp at intel.com
Fri Sep 8 11:10:57 EDT 2006

Offered for comment....


The attached patch against spread-src-4.0.0rc2 adds the ability to
create private event queues.  This is mostly interesting in situations
where applications use spread and the event queues at multiple levels,
such as a top level spread application that also uses a library that
makes use of spread.  Separating event queues and event loops between
these protocol levels is necessary to avoid deadlocks where some top
level application is waiting on a lower level application which is
waiting on a spread message which is queued behind a message sent to the
top level application.  By creating an event queue and separate event
thread for the top level application and lower level library this
situation is avoided.


The patch maintains the existing E_*() routines, but they are now
wrappers around the added E_*_eq() routines() and use a statically
declared default event queue, so no source modifications should be
necessary for existing spread applications that are not layered.



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